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Best EMR Software For Small Practices.

EMR Software at a price that smaller practices can afford.

Best emr software for small practices?  We have several solutions for you.

McKesson Practice Choice EMR Software is an online Saas, Cloud Based, online electronic medical records program that is great for small practices that want an online EHR solution or Cloud Based EHR.  There are several advantages of an online EMR\EHR software program.  First, you do not have to worry about IT infrastructure and the computer servers and hardware in your office.  All you need are computers connected to the internet and you have less worries and hassles from a computer hardware perspective.  Secondly, you always have the latest version of the software in a Saas based emr software program.  If you have your own server, you have to schedule times to be down for major software updates.  Thirdly, with McKesson Practice Choice you have access to the software program from any computer that has internet access.  This means that you can take your laptop on vacation or to seminars or take it home at night and connect to the internet and to your software program in order to view patient charts or notes or lab results or medications.  Lastly, an online solution usually requires less upfront costs, but McKesson Practice Choice EHR does require monthly fees.  Click on the following link to view McKesson Practice Choice Pricing for web based emr.  

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Medisoft Clinical EMR Software is designed for use on a local server.  However, you can also setup a another terminal server in your office to handle remote connections from home or other office locations or a billing service.  Medisoft Clinical is extremely customizable from a charting template perspective and  is very "Note Centric", meaning you are working in the patient note most of the time and pulling or pushing information to and from other areas of the chart.  Emr software for Medisoft - One of the biggest advantages of using Medisoft Clinical EMR Software is that it integrates with the very popular Medisoft Medical Billing Software program.  The main advantage here is that as you implement your EMR software program, your billing can go on undistrubed and not cause cash flow problems as cmpared to switching over to a totally new EMR and Billing program that can cause severe cash flow problems. Medisoft Clinical EMR is one of our Best EMR Software for small practices.

A provider dashboard lets you view all critical information - including messages, incoming results and a daily patient schedule - in one place.

Analyze the note with a sophisticated coding adviser for Evaluation and Management codes using both the 1995 and 1997 CMS documentation Guidelines to optimize coding based on documentation.

Load transcribed text and populate the entire patient chart including the problem list, medication list, medical histories and vital signs and have the transcribed text automatically go to the correct place in the notes.

Import and export chart summary data using CCD or CCR formats. Communicate with other practices' EMRs or with the patient's personal health record (PHR).

When importing data choose which chart sections to update while still keeping an entire copy of the imported document.

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Spring Charts EMR Software is a very graphical based EMR program that is Java based, and as such can be used on any device that runs java.  This means both Mac and Windows computers can use the program at the same time.  Spring charts also integrates with Medisoft and is another EMR Software for Medisoft.  “SpringCharts has been the industry’s easiest EHR to learn, install, customize and use for many years.  And, its affordability, low cost platform, low training costs, productivity improvements and revenue generating features have long offered industry-leading financials for small to medium medical practices,”  said Harry Selent, president and chief executive officer of MedicalCharting.com. “These benefits are now available in a certified product.  With these key capabilities and our SpringCharts Guide to Meaningful Use, we believe SpringCharts EHR 2011 is the industry’s quickest and easiest path to the demonstration of Meaningful Use Compliance and to receiving government incentives.”   Check out our Best EMR Software For Small Practices.

Smaller firms are well positioned to offer a more personal touch, said Jack Smyth, President and CEO of Houston-based Spring Medical Systems. "Smaller firms are always able to move more quickly and to be more personal than larger firms,” he said. “Spring Medical customers can usually get me, the CEO, on the phone to discuss any issues they have. That's much appreciated."

In addition, he said, "our products are designed for smaller practices so our customers, one- to 10-doctor practices, are small businesses just like us. That creates a bond that won’t happen with larger vendors."

For more information about the Best EMR Software for Small Practices,
 or the Best EMR Software for Medisoft call us at 888-691-8058 or 941-743-6666.

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