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SpringCharts Configurations and Options
SpringCharts Single Computer Version
The ultimate electronic medical records solution for busy single practitioners, SpringCharts EMR Single Computer Version offers superior functionality and ease of use in an inexpensive configuration that runs on a single PC. Capabilities include patient charting, prescriptions, labs, appointments, communications, and more in an intuitive, practice-friendly design that can be installed and running in a matter of hours.
SpringCharts Plus Pack
Add the Plus Pack to SpringCharts EMR for substantial additional functionality at a low price.
Additional features include:
-CPT and ICD-9 code sets (all specialties)
-E&M Code Generator
-Spell Checker (standard and medical)
-Chart Evaluation Function
-Enhanced Search & Print Functions
Networking Options
SpringCharts Networking Options offer all of the features and functionality of SpringCharts EMR in networked configurations to accommodate any size medical practice or clinic. Utilizes a proven client/server architecture consisting of a central data server linked to remote PCs. All data remains secure, standardized and easy to maintain on the server, yet accessible wherever it is needed in the office via client desktops, notebooks and/or Tablet PCs linked via a wireless or conventional network. Networking Option configurations range in size from 1 to 20+ Simultaneous Users to enable practices to choose the option that best fits their needs at a price that meets their budget:
-SpringCharts EMR— Network Option—One Simultaneous User
-SpringCharts EMR— Network Option—Small Practice (up to 3 Simultaneous Users)
-SpringCharts EMR— Network Option—Medium-Sized Practice (Up to 6 Simultaneous Users)
-SpringCharts EMR— Network Option—Large Practice (up to 10 Simultaneous Users)
-SpringCharts EMR— Network Option—Small Clinic (up to 15 Simultaneous Users)
-SpringCharts EMR— Network Option—Clinic (up to 20+ Simultaneous Users)
Premium Feature Packs for Networks
Productivity Pack for Networks
Adds powerful productivity tools to SpringCharts Networking Options to enable practices to run more efficiently and effectively. Specific features include:
-Template & PopUp Text Manager
-Intra-office Instant Messaging
-Spell Checker (standard and medical)
-Enhanced Search and Print Functions
Medical Pack for Networks
A set of intuitive Doctor-designed tools that help make practicing medicine more efficient including:
-E&M Code Generator
-Chart Evaluation Function
-Patient Instructions Manager
Coding Pack for Networks
Comprehensive code sets that can be easily imported into SpringCharts all at once or as needed:
-AMA CPT codes (all specialties)
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