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About Our Company
Company Mission
To provide physicians with a powerful and intuitive software solution to manage the clinical and administrative aspects of independent medical practice. To act as a Point-of-Care patient information repository and datahub by digitizing, transmitting and tracking patient data, securely and in real-time though bi-directional links to all critical elements in the healthcare system.
Company Background is a subsidiary of Selent & Associates, Inc. Founded in 1989, the company initially focused on broad and general business services, software, and hardware. Shortly after that, because of the founders background in healthcare and healthcare administration, the company began focusing on solutions to medical\healthcare practices. The company sold primarily medical billing and medical scheduling software. Later the company developed our own appointment scheduling software and most recently expanded into medical charting and electronic health record software. We are local members of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce.
Products and Services
SpringCharts EMR includes workflow and communications tools, scheduling functions, document management tools, clinical notes and observations, test ordering and tracking, an alert system, prescription management, a drug information system, patient records, and advanced coding functionality.
SpringCharts is a Java client-server application, which runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. The system accommodates multiple input devices such as workstations, laptops, tablet PCs, and dictation devices.
Planned enhancements include a secure Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) controller, secure patient email, secure integration with the leading labs, secure electronic transmission of prescriptions, and secure communication with others providing services to medical offices. All components are customizable and provide capabilities to manage users, reports, locations, and practice-specific data.
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