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SpringCharts Electronic Medical Records - Features List
Ease-of-Use - Benefits
-Fast doctor learning curve
-Reduced staff training costs
-Reduced installation time and effort
-Reduced system maintenance time and effort
-Excellent fit with the Tablet PC
-Strong patient acceptance
-Flexibility: Your practice, your way
EMR Software Features & Functions
Charting and Record Management - Flexible, intuitive navigation
-Search on pause
-One click selection
-Rapid task switching
-Next steps anticipated, but not mandatory
Multiple Data Entry Modes
-One-button templates
-31 pick lists
-Keyed Text
-Handwriting recognition (Tablet PC)
-Dictation compatible
-Import of graphics files
Situation-at-a-Glance Design
-Practice View
-Patient View
-Office Visit View
-Encounter Tree
All Industry Standard components
-No special Server hardware needed
-Ethernet LAN
-No special settings
-Automated back up
-Spell Checker
SpringCharts User Center
-User community news
-Power user tips
-Online help
Clinical Data Management
-Eliminate time spent looking for lost charts
-View patient charts where and when they are needed
-Share charts among staff to complete multiple tasks at once
-View complete patient medical records at-a-glance
-More comprehensive documentation in less time
Features & Functions - Charting and Record Management
-Tight integration with messaging and Email
-Multiple printing options
-Chart export functions
-Chart access restrictions
-Clinical parameter checking
-Instant chart recall
-Search functions
-Automated patient data graphing
-User-definable templates
-Review Of Symptoms Function
-Printable H&P and other forms
-Multiple data input options
---Scanned images
-Industry Standard Coding
---E & M Code Suggestion Function
-Rich Data Formats supported
-Pop-up Text lists
---Drug lists
---Medical terminology
---Medical phrases
-Patient handouts function
-Conversion Calculator
Prescription Management
-Automated prescribing
-Prescription faxing
-Prescription printing
-Automated prescription history
-Pharmacy preference recall
-Pop-up drug pick lists
-Automated patient medication history
---Routine medications
---All medications over time
Lab & Test Management
-Test order and completion tracking
-"Results-ready" notification
-Results charting
-Lab result reporting
---Regular mail
Workflow Management & Productivity
-Make better use of resources
-Speed-up patient visits
-Improve patient satisfaction
-See more patients in less time
-Produce more complete notes and correspondence in less time
Features & Functions - Patient Tracker
-Real-time view of every patient in the office at all times
-Instant updates of patient status and location
-Automatic alerts to appropriate staff members
Appointment Scheduler
-Emulates common office appointment procedures
-Multiple user functionality
-Integrated with patient tracker and charts
To-Do Lists & Reminders
-Available from any computer on the system
-Remote update function
-Automatic alerts
Pop-up Text Lists
-Up to 460 lines of text for one-click use in charts, notes, e-mails, etc.
---Medical terminology
---Common procedures
---Drug list
-Available from anywhere in SpringCharts
Automated Patient Correspondence
-Integrated with patient charts
---Automatic integration of patient data
--- Automatic charting of message info and content
-Integrated pop-up pick lists
-Integrated address book
-Integrated with Email system
-Integrate letterhead templates
Auto Generated Routing Slips/Super Bill
Integration with NDCMedisoft Practice Management System
Electronic Communications
-Speeds interoffice communication
-Enables efficient and secure handling of external Emails
-Captures all patient related messages and charts them to appropriate record
Features & Functions - Email Communication
-Integrated with patient charts
---Messages link to patient chart
---Automatic retrieval of patient information
---One-click charting of message info and content
-Intra-office messaging
---Detailed messages
---Urgent messages
---Instant messaging
-Integrated with Internet Email
-Centralized and secure Email collection and distribution
Wireless Enabled
HIPAA Compliance Management
-Enables easier compliance with HIPAA regulations
-Safeguards patient data security
-Makes compliance reporting easier and more accurate
Features & Functions - Data Security and Access
-Auditing of chart access
-Chart access restrictions
-User-definable security management
---Security levels
---Customizable screens
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