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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  1. Can I use the same data files when I upgrade from the Single-User version to the Multi-User version?
  2. When I double click the SpringChartsClient program icon, nothing happens.
  3. The SpringChartsClient asks if the Server has moved, what is wrong?
  4. The SpringChartsClient program no longer gets new messages that have been sent.
  5. I can run the SpringChartsServer program, but when I double click on the SpringChartsClient on the same computer, nothing happens.
  6. Can I use dictation software with SpringCharts?
  7. Can I access SpringCharts from home or another location?
  8. Can I use my wireless network with SpringCharts?
  9. SpringCharts freezes on my Linux computer.
  10. How do I check which version of Java (JRE) is on my computer?
  11. Can I run the SpringChartsClient and SpringChartsServer on the same computer?
  12. My Linux comes with Java already installed, do I still install the JRE from Sun?
  13. My Macintosh comes with Java installed, do I need to install another version of Java?
  14. Can I run SpringCharts on Windows XP?
  15. Do I have to install the JRE from Sun on my Windows computer?
  16. Since SpringCharts uses the TCP/IP network protocol, like my Internet connection, can't someone hack into my SpringCharts database if I have an open Internet connection?
  17. Can I use my regular EMail account with SpringCharts?
  18. Where is the User Manual?
  19. My Email messages do not send, but I don't get an error message.
  20. SpringChartsClient shuts down unexpectedly.
  21. Mac OS 10.3 (Panther) Clients cannot find the Server.
  22. Windows XP Clients keep logging off or crashing.
  1. Yes, the files are not affected by changing from a Single-User to a Multi-User.
  2. Make sure the Client is not already running by checking for a minimized window. Make sure Java is installed on your computer. Make sure you have enough memory (128 mb minimum is required). Restart your computer.
  3. This means that the SpringChartsClient cannot find the SpringChartsServer program. Make sure that the SpringChartsServer program is running. Check your computer connections to your network.
  4. The SpringChartsClient program has lost a connection to the Server. Make sure that your computer is NOT set to go to sleep. When the client computer goes to sleep, the client program may lose its connection to the Server.
  5. This is usually a memory problem. Increase the amount of memory on the computer to run both programs.
  6. Yes, Dragon NaturallySpeaking and IBM ViaVoice work well with SpringCharts.
  7. Yes. You can use secure software such as PC AnyWhere to connect remotely. You can also set up a direct connection, but this is much more difficult.
  8. Yes, any computer connected to your network can run SpringCharts.
  9. Make sure you are running the correct version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Version 4.5 and Version 5 require JRE 1.4.
  10. Open a Terminal on Linux or Macintosh. Open a Command Prompt window on Windows. Type the following command: java -version press the 'Enter' key to see your Java Version.
  11. Yes, you can run both from the same computer, but if more that 2 users are working on SpringCharts, performance will be poor. Spring Medical recommends using one computer to run the SpringChartsServer and running the SpringChartsClient programs on other computers.
  12. Yes.
  13. No, Macintosh OS X comes with everything you need to run SpringCharts.
  14. Yes, you can also run on Windows 2000, ME, 98.
  15. Yes.
  16. No, SpringCharts uses a special form of communication called 'MultiCasting' to communicate. All currently available routers forbid this form of communication outside of your local network unless the router is reprogrammed.
  17. Yes, SpringCharts is designed to use inexpensive ordinary Email accounts to handle EMail. Your Email provider must use a POP Email server--that is almost everyone except AOL, HotMail and Yahoo. Check with your Internet Service provider to find your Email account type.
  18. The User Manual can be found on the SpringCharts Documentation CD. Older versions (prior to Version 6) integrated the Manual into the Help menu.
  19. When sending an Email message, SpringCharts sends very specific error messages to the user when encountering a problem. If your Email messages do not send and you are not getting an error, try disabling your anti-virus software. Norton blocks some types of network transmissions.
  20. This most often occurs when the computer on which the SpringChartsClient program resides is set to sleep or power down. When SpringChartsClient discovers that it no longer has current data from the Server, it closes and requires you to log back on to refresh itself. To eliminate this problem, set the computer to never sleep. This same problem may occur when you run SpringChartsClient on the same computer as SpringChrtsServer; this is not recommended and you should remove the SpringChartsClient from the server computer.
  21. When you installed Macintosh OS 10.3 (aka Panther), your operating system also installed a firewall which blocks TCP/IP communication. To fix this problem, open System Preferences. Choose Sharing. Click on the Firewall tab and click the 'Stop' button.If you wish to run a firewall on your LAN, contact for the port settings needed.
  22. This problem is caused by Microsoft's memory management during hibernation. To fix this problem: open Control Panels/Power Options and select 'Never' for system standby and system hibernates.
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