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Medical Spring Charts
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SpringCharts Installation Instructions
-SpringCharts requires Java in order to run on your computer.
-Before you can run SpringCharts, you must ensure that Java (Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2 or greater) is installed. To check your Java Version, see our Java Help page.
Note: Macintosh OS X may skip this step; Windows and Linux users need to install the JRE.
-The two folders (or Directories) named MUData and PtData located in the same folder as SpringChartsServer (or SpringCharts for the Single Computer version) contain all of your patient data.
-You must safeguard the data in the two folders MUData and PtData by backing these two folders regularly. Never alter these two folders or their contents. Install SpringCharts Demo
The instructions for installing the SpringCharts Demo can be found either on the SpringCharts Installation CD, or here, via the links below.
Install SpringCharts Demo for Windows
Install SpringCharts Demo for Mac
Install SpringCharts Demo for Linux
Install SpringCharts Networking Option and SpringCharts Single Computer Version
The Installation Guides for SpringCharts Networking Option and SpringCharts Single Computer Version can be found on the SpringCharts Installation CD.
Initial SpringCharts Configuration
The instructions for Configuring SpringCharts are located in the appropriate SpringCharts Installation Guides.
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