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Learn EMR - EMR Overview
Spring Medical Systems believes the key to your success and to our success is doctor and practice productivity. This is why our SpringCharts design emphasizes Ease-of-Use. It is also our goal to make SpringCharts easy to learn. EMR software from SpringCharts.
We hope you find the following will meet your needs.
The SpringCharts Quick Tour features screen shots of SpringCharts and will take about 20 minutes.
The SpringCharts Videos illustrate key several of the key features of SpringCharts, with each video running 10 to 15 minutes.
The SpringCharts Demo features a working copy of SpringCharts with a script to lead you through the system's key functions. And, you have the ability to venture out on your own, if you wish. It is more than a demo!
The SpringCharts Tutorials offer in depth training on the use and operation of SpringCharts.
And, if this is not enough, please Contact Us.
SpringCharts. --- Easy to Learn. --- Easy to Install. --- Easy to Use. --- Easy to Maintain.
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