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Medical Billing Software Program Upgrade Has Many New Features

 in the Medisoft 15 Software Program:

Current Version of Medisoft 15 is New and Improved:

In order to help the management of your medical practice, medisoft version 15 has many new features which include:

Print Detail of Deposit List

The new version of Medisoft 15 now allows you to have a print function within the Detail window that is found within the Deposit List menu. You will be able to select a specific Detail List that you want to view. Once you have this list opened, you can select the correct button in order to access the item details that include the performing service dates and the amount of payments that were applied to the specific procedures performed on that date. You can then select the Print Grid action in order to get you list printing. For more help or information on this action, you can view the Print an Entry topic right from your Deposit List.

Printable Vacant SuperBills

The medisoft version 15 billing software has the capability of printing unused serialized superbills that are not attributed to any specific dated procedure. You can have access to this new function by selecting elections on the Program Options screen which include the Use Serialized Superbills option and the Force Document Number option. Once these elections are accessed, you can then print your vacant superbill from the Reports Menu. Once this superbill is then needed, you can assign it to the appropriate case and chart within the Transaction Entry Menu. For more help or information on this action, you can view the Printing Blank Superbills topic along with Assigning a Blank Superbill to a Patient and a Case topic.

Printable statement of Remaining Co-pay payment due

The medisoft version 15 adds a new feature to its software program that will allow a practice to keep track of co-pays that have not been received. This is a statement of account that will list all of the non-paid co-pays so that you do not have to wait for payment from the insurance company on a submitted claim before you can start to collect. For more help and information on this action, you can view the Tracking Missed Copays topic.

Option for Default Printing

The medisoft version 15 now allows your practice to select the default printer that you want to use in order to print several documents such as statement, claims, and superbills. Once you have implemented this feature, it will be saved within the Medisoft user's profile login and workstation. In order to make your printings go to your default printer, you would access the Default Printer Options feature that is available within the Reports menu. Within this Default Printing window, you can tag specific reports to be sent to specific default printer locations. If you use a security profile, these settings will be saved within that feature otherwise they will be set within the user's workstation. Once these settings are in place, the specific reports that you print on a daily basis will automatically be sent to their specified default printer without any extra steps taken in order to choose a printing device. For more help or information on this action, you can view the Default Printer Selection Overview topic and the Setting a Default Printer topic.

Addition of Hot-Key for Rejection Code

The medisoft version 15 has a new functional capability of adding a keyboard shortcut when the need arises to insert a rejection message within a specific charge of a procedure. You will be able to use the F8 key or the F9 key in order to apply a payment or an adjustment within the Charges Grid along with the action of editing a previous rejection message that may have been applied.

Option for Quick Ledger Editing

The medisoft version 15 now has the capability for the user to create and edit notes within the Quick Ledger. Once the Quick Ledger is accessed, you can choose a specific line item in which you would like to mark, select the Note option and quickly add the documentation that you would like associated with that line item. For more help and information on this action, you can view the Adding a Note to a Line item on the Quick Ledger topic.

Remainder Balance for Statement Management

The medisoft version 15 now allows you to provide the line items with remainder balance calculations within the Statement Management Grid. You will have to create a remainder balance column within the Grid which will update the transactions to their remaining balances. These values will update on active statements. For more help or information on this action, you can view the Displaying Remainder Balances on the Statement Management Grid topic.

Sorting Transaction Entries

The medisoft version 15 has the capabilities for the user to access the Transaction entry and sort the columns by the values that they want to view. If no value is chosen, the default sort that is used is based on the date of the entries. These line items will be sorted in descending order. The previous values that were selected will also be saved for future uses. For more help or information on this action, you can view the Sorting the Transaction Entry Grids topic.

Option for Statement Sorting

The medisoft version 15 includes a new feature called the Txn Sort Order list which allows for sorting statements by their dates of service, the entry order, ot their document number. This is done within the Data Selection Questions Menu. The Report Properties Menu also has added features for creating and editing special reports within custom reports that are created. The Statement Management Menu is where this sorting option is available for viewing and printing.

Warning for Future Appointments

The medisoft version 15 also include the capability to warn the user within the Office Hours Professional menu if they are setting up a future appointment for a patient who already has a future appointment set. An alert will show within the Edit Appointment Entry or New Appointment Entry windows. There will be a small magnifying glass that will allow the user to view the future set appointments for that specific patient.

Reporting File Maintenance Progress

The medisoft version 15 includes a File Maintenance feature that will track the processes with a progress bar.

Indicating Blank Appointments

This program has Appointment List Reports that will include blank appointment slots.

Appointment Entry for Phone Numbers

This program allows an entry window for the addition and editing of home phone numbers as well as cell phone numbers.

Options for Write-Off

This program allows for a Small Balance Write-Off Window to be accessed for statements that have small balances that need to be wrote-off per the number of set times in the Submissions Count Field.

Hot-Key for Patient Chart Numbers

The medisoft version 15 has a new keyboard shortcut that will access the previous used patients chart number within a new number field. This is accessed by pressing Shift + F4. This short cut works within many of the menus of this software program including Quick Balance, Quick Ledger, Collection List, Deposit List, and Patient List. Using this feature will access the last record or chart number from the system memory except for the Data Selection Questions window. This feature is not supported for these reports.

Shortcut for Closing Cases

This program adds a new shortcut in order to improve the work-flow by allowing the user to close a current case. This is done by right clicking on the line item in the Apply Payment and Adjustments to Charges menu and choosing the Close Case feature from that menu.

F7 Link for Collection Lists

The medisoft version 15 adds a keyboard shortcut in order to increase efficiency to the Collection List of the program. The Quick Ledger will be accessed when the F7 key is pressed and the record of the patient with the collection item is displayed.

 Sorting of Claim Management

This feature within the Claim management window will help to save on selected options for sorting controlled by the workstation basis or the login rather there is security applied or not.

Sorting of Cases

This program has a new feature of patterns of sorting within the Transaction Entry Window. The cases display in descending order within the Case drop-down list.

Improved Reporting Engine

This program adds Medisoft Reports which provides several new features and options for reporting. These features help the user in the reporting and viewing of many different types of reports along with many more printing options available. It does not replace the original reporting software but enhances the software to make reporting much more efficient. For more help or information on this action, you can view the Reports Overview topic along with the Medisoft Reports topic.

Note: When running reports, you will first need to set up a user account. This account will be different from other accounts along with being unique to your reporting. For more help or information about setting up an account, you can view Setting up an Initial Reports User. The medisoft version 15 also supplies support for the Medisoft Reports Professional software program which is a more concentrated reporting program. Viewing the topic Medisoft Reports Professional will give you information along with availability.

Medisoft EMR Clinical

The medisoft version 15 includes new features to its Communication Manager. These features include data tracking and troubleshooting within the Application Settings menu. These features also include system wide troubleshooting settings, settings for EMR configurations due to the Communication Manager and Medisoft being on different servers, and default system settings. There is also a new EMR application called Medisoft Clinical.



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